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Glenna Luschei
Terri Kirby Erickson
Hospital Parking Lot
Sally Bliumis-Dunn
Patrick Hicks
The Strangers
David Livewell
Kyle Harvey
Settler's Creek
Pauletta Hansel
Melissa Balmain
Love Poem
Jill Breckenridge
Pretty Ricky
Penny Harter
In the Dark
Amanda Strand
Father and Daughter
Karen J. Weyant
Robert Hedin
Raising the Titanic
Barbara Ellen Sorensen
Kathleen Aguero
Send Off
Kurt Brown
The Kiss
Paul S Piper
Dog and Snow
Don Welch
Shuffling Out Toward Morning
Kwame Dawes
Coffee Break
J. T. Ledbetter
Elegy for Blue
Danusha Laméris
Billy Collins
Roger Pfingston
Mary Avidano
City Lights
Margaret Hasse
James Crews
God Particles
Stuart Kestenbaum
Prayer for Joy
Jennifer Gray
Marty Walsh
The snow's/feet slip
David Allan Evans
Sixty Years Later I Notice, Inside A Flock Of Blackbirds,
John Philip Johnson
Bones and Shadows
Elise Hempel
The Transfer
Ted Kooser
Robert Haight
Early October Snow
Jennifer Maier
Rummage Sale
Jim Daniels
Work Boots: Still Life
Karina Borowicz
September Tomatoes
Jackie Fox
Matt Mason
The Story of Ferdinand the Bull
Faith Shearin
Music at My Mother's Funeral
Heather Allen
Linda M. Hasselstrom
Planting Peas
Jonathan Greene
One Light to Another
Shari Wagner
Mark Kraushaar
The Ring Toss Lady Breaks a Five
Sharon Chmielarz
The Pillow Cleaners Come to Town
Maryann Corbett
Finding the Lego
Barbara Crooker
Leo Dangel
In Memoriam
Diane Gilliam Fisher
Violet's Wash
Ivan Hobson
Our Neighbor:
Frank Osen
The Lath House
Catherine Savage Brosman
Cattle Fording Tarryall Creek
Peter Everwine
After the Funeral
Jeanie Greensfelder
Sixth Grade
Donna Spector
On the Way to the Airport
William Jolliff
Rain on a Barn South of Tawas
Amy Fleury
First Morel
Robert Hedin
This Morning I Could Do/A Thousand Things
Andrea Hollander
Peggy Shumaker
Spirit of the Bat
Karla Huston
Robert Hedin
My Mother's Hats
Amy Fleury
Chelsea Rathburn
After Filing for Divorce
Li-Young Lee
I Ask My Mother to Sing
Thomas Reiter
Releasing a Tree
Jonathan Greene
Dan Gerber
Susan Kelly-DeWitt
Apple Blossoms
Peter Everwine
A Story Can Change Your Life
Kim Dower
Bottled Water
Nancy Simpson
Pink Pantsuit
Thomas R. Moore
Removing the Dross
Maryann Corbett
Holiday Concert
Kathleen Driskell
Jay Leeming
Blind Date
Sherod Santos
Out of the World There Passed a Soul
Richard Levine
Nancy Willard
The Vanity of the Dragonfly
Rachel Richardson
Mo H. Saidi
The Night of the Snowfall
Mary M. Brown
Classic Toy
Gabriel Welsch
A Garden’s End
Debra Nystrom
Little Parka
Joseph Hutchison
Winter Sunrise Outside a Café
Ada Limón
What It Looks Like To Us and the Words We Use
Tami Haaland
A Colander of Barley
Marie Thurmer
A Grandfather
Tracy K. Smith
The Good Life
April Lindner
Dog Bite
Joseph Millar
Labor Day
Helen T. Glenn
Noguchi’s Fountain
Gabriel Spera
A. E. Stallings
The Pull Toy
Joyce Sidman
Dog in Bed
Bruce Snider
D. Nurkse
First Night
Lisel Mueller
X J Kennedy
Old Men Pitching Horseshoes
James Doyle
In the Planetarium
Tami Haaland
Little Girl
Robin Chapman
George Bilgere
Basal Cell
Marsha Truman Cooper
A Knot of Worms
Laura Dimmit
School photo, found after the Joplin tornado
Wendell Berry
The Vacation
Maureen Ash
Church Basement
Patricia Clark
Michael McFee
Linda Hogan
The Sandhills
Jeff Daniel Marion
Playing to the River
Ron Koertge
Burning the Book
Robert Morgan
Living Tree
Bruce Guernsey
Back Road
Robert Gibb
Lynne Sharon Schwartz
Cement Backyard
Jeffrey Harrison
Mailboxes in Late Winter
Mark Irwin
Mark Sanders
The Cranes, Texas January
Richard M. Berlin
Einstein’s Happiest Moment
Eamon Grennan
Up Against It
Andrew Jones
The Softest Word
Terri Kirby Erickson
Sponge Bath
Casey Pycior
Sledding in Wichita
Barton Sutter
A Little Shiver
Ted Kooser
Christmas Mail
Jeffrey Harrison
Susan Kolodny
Koi Pond, Oakland Museum
Derek N. Otsuji
Theater of Shadows
Judith Slater
Family Vacation
Tim Nolan
Michael Walsh
Barn Clothes
David Hernandez
At the Post Office
Judith Harris
My Mother Goes to Vote
Nancy Price
Trick or Treat
Douglas S. Jones
Wyatt Townley
Finding the Scarf
Geraldine Connolly
Flathead Lake, October
Daniel J. Langton
Kay Ryan
David St. John
From a Bridge
Minnie Bruce Pratt
Temporary Job
Judson Mitcham
Christine Stewart-Nuñez
Breakfast for Supper
Carol V. Davis
Mockingbird II
Jo McDougall
Telling Time
Patrick Phillips
Elegy with Oil in the Bilge
Judith Slater
Jane Hirshfield
The Promise
Linda Parsons Marion
Shawn Pittard
The Silver Fish
Debra Wierenga
Chiller Pansies
Dorianne Laux
Family Stories
Julie Suk
Loving the Hands
Dan Gerber
Mark Vinz
Kathryn Stripling Byer
I still can’t get it right
Jillena Rose
Wendy Videlock
Dana Gioia
Pity the Beautiful
Janet Eigner
Isaac’s Blessing
Laurel Blossom
Red Balloon Rising
Jared Harel
Carol Light
Prairie Sure
Jeanne Wagner
My mother was like the bees
Carrie Shipers
Love Poem for Ted Neeley In Jesus Christ Superstar
Sarah A. Chavez
In Childhood
Penelope Scambly Schott
Second Tour
Sara Ries
Fish Fry Daughter
Anya Silver
Leaving the Hospital
Carol L. Gloor
Claudia Emerson
Eight Ball
Jaimee Kuperman
The New Dentist
Edward Hirsch
I Was Never Able To Pray
Candace Black
Mr. D Shops At Fausto’s Food Palace
Bill Trowbridge
Rental Tux
Lisel Mueller
Sometimes, When the Light
Anne Coray
The Art of Being
Mark Jarman
After Disappointment
Stanley Plumly
Off A Side Road Near Staunton
Denise Low
Two Gates
Catherine Tufariello
The Cricket in the Sump
Richard Levine
Believe This
Richard Newman
Bless Their Hearts
Molly Fisk
Winter Sun
David Black
Jorge Evans
J. T. Ledbetter
Crossing Shoal Creek
Roy Scheele
Woman Feeding Chickens
Don Thompson
Judith Harris
Daniel Nyikos
Potato Soup
Michael Ryan
Girls’ Middle School Orchestra
Leo Dangel
Behind the Plow
Ladan Osman
Kay Mullen
Bonsai at the Potter's Stall
Dana Gioia
Robert Cording
Old Houses
Linda Pastan
Counting Backwards
Kathleen M. McCann
Lone Egret
Robert Wrigley
After a Rainstorm
Roy Scheele
Produce Wagon
Angelo Giambra
The Water Carriers
Karin Gottshall
More Lies
April Lindner
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Patricia Jabbeh Wesley
One Day
Barbara Schmitz
Joe Paddock
One’s Ship Comes In
Cathy Smith Bowers
Peace Lilies
Joe Mills
How You Know
Jehanne Dubrow
Chernobyl Year
Ava Schicke
I am
Christopher Todd Matthews
Window Washer
Judith Harris
End of Market Day
David St. John
Peach Fires
Michael McFee
Jane Varley
Packing the Car for Our Western Camping Trip
Peter Everwine
Back from the Fields
Ellery Akers
The Word That Is a Prayer
Peggy Shumaker
Night Dive
Marilyn L. Taylor
Home Again, Home Again
Joyce Sutphen
The Aunts
Connie Wanek
Mysterious Neighbors
Lois Beebe Hayna
Brief Eden
Nathaniel Perry
Remaking a Neglected Orchard
Tim Nolan
Frannie Lindsay
The Thrift Shop Dresses
Bruce Guernsey
For My Wife Cutting My Hair
Grace Cavalieri
Tomato Pies, 25 Cents
T. Alan Broughton
Great Blue Heron
Molly Fisk
Hunter's Moon
Christopher Todd Matthews
Eating Them As He Came
Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz
At the Office Holiday Party
George Bilgere
Stephen Behrendt
Developing the Land
David Allan Evans
Girl Riding a Horse in a Field of Sunflowers
Todd Davis
Joyce Sutphen
The Exam
Katie Cappello
A Ghost Abandons the Haunted
Mark Smith-Soto
Night Watch
Liz Rosenberg
I Leave Her Weeping
Michelle Y. Burke
James Doyle
Love Story
Robert Gibb
For the Chipmunk in My Yard
Chana Bloch
Through a Glass
Tara Bray
Carl Little
The Clearing
Tony Gloeggler
Five Years Later
Edward Hirsch
Early Sunday Morning
Leo Dangel
One September Afternoon
Marilyn Kallet
Mary Meriam
The Romance of Middle Age
Peter Everwine
Thomas Reiter
Donal Heffernan
My Hometown
Patricia Frolander
Alicia Ostriker
The Blessing of the Old Woman, the Tulip, and the Dog
Michael Sowder
Fishing, His Birthday
Don Thompson
Yard Work
Ned Balbo
Fire Victim
Jan Mordenski
Carolyn Miller
The World as It is
Peter Cooley
The One Certain Thing
Susan Meyers
Mother, Washing Dishes
Rachel Contreni Flynn
The Yellow Bowl
Jeff Daniel Marion
78 RPM
Wendy Videlock
The Owl
Jill Bialosky
Music Is Time
Michael Chitwood
The Coffins
Andrea Hollander
Dana Bisignani
Bankruptcy Hearing
Freya Manfred
Green Pear Tree in September
David Baker
Old Man Throwing a Ball
Gary Metras
Jeff Worley
On Finding a Turtle Shell in Daniel Boone National Forest
Wesley McNair
For My Wife
Lucille Lang Day
Tooth Painter
Ann Struthers
Not Knowing Why
Nancyrose Houston
The Letter From Home
Lyn Lifshin
The Other Fathers
Joette Giorgis
Christine Stewart-Nuñez
Tim Nolan
At the Choral Concert
Ben Vogt
Grandpa Vogt’s—1959
Trish Crapo
Back Then
Susie Patlove
Poor Patriarch
George Bilgere
Night Flight
Marie Sheppard Williams
Kathy Mangan
The Whistle
Elizabeth Klise von Zerneck
Like Coins, November
Philip Memmer
The Paleontologist’s Blind Date
David Lee Garrison
Bach in the DC Subway
Bruce Guernsey
Dore Kiesselbach
Cecilia Woloch
The Pick
David Bottoms
My Father’s Left Hand
Michelle Bennett
Diane Glancy
Indian Summer
Thomas R. Smith
Baby Wrens’ Voices
Sue Ellen Thompson
Helping My Daughter Move into Her First Apartment
Ron Koertge
First Grade
Mark Vinz
Cautionary Tales
Cecilia Woloch
My Mother’s Pillow
Jane Hirshfield
Green-Striped Melons
Ronald Wallace
Margaret Kaufman
Photo, Brownie Troop, St. Louis, 1949
Jean Nordhaus
I Was Always Leaving
Alexandra Teague
Language Lessons
Coleman Barks
Todd Boss
This Morning in a Morning Voice
Joseph Stroud
Night in Day
Deborah Warren
Marie Howe
Kevin Griffith
Judy Loest
David Wojahn
Walking to School, 1964
Susan Browne
On Our Eleventh Anniversary
Bill Holm
Regan Huff
Occurrence on Washburn Avenue
Anne Marie Macari
From the Plane
Joseph O. Legaspi
At the Bridal Shop
Miller Williams
Going Deaf
Gerald Fleming
Long Marriage
Sebastian Matthews
Barbershop Quartet, East Village Grille
Matthew Vetter
Wild Flowers
George Bilgere
Corned Beef and Cabbage
Cecilia Woloch
Charles Harper Webb
The Animals are Leaving
David Wagoner
The Cherry Tree
Don Welch
At 14
Chris Forhan
What My Father Left Behind
Anne Pierson Wiese
Inscrutable Twist
Zozan Hawez
Cornelius Eady
A Small Moment
Jose Angel Araguz
Conrad Hilberry
Christmas Night
Russell Libby
Applied Geometry
Robert Haight
How Is It That the Snow
Pat Mora
Robert Wrigley
Finding a Bible in an Abandoned Cabin
Minnie Bruce Pratt
Cutting Hair
Gary Dop
On Swearing
Dick Allen
The Accompanist
Dan Lechay
Ghost Villanelle
James Lenfestey
Robert Hedin
The Old Liberators
John Maloney
After Work
Judith Harris
Gathering Leaves in Grade School
Kaelum Poulson
The Crow
Stuart Kestenbaum
Prayer for the Dead
Emmett Tenorio Melendez
My name came from . . .
D. Nurkse
Bushwick: Latex Flat
Gary Dop
Father, Child, Water
Kristen Tracy
Rain at the Zoo
Frank Steele
Berwyn Moore
Driving to Camp Lend-A-Hand
Joelle Biele
To Katharine: At Fourteen Months
Patrick Phillips
Veronica Patterson
Marry Me
Ann Struthers
Planting the Sand Cherry
Samuel Green
Night Dive
Rick Campbell
Mary-Sherman Willis
The Laughter of Women
Sharmila Voorakkara
For the Tattooed Man
R. S. Gwynn
Fried Beauty
Robert Bly
Seeing the Eclipse in Maine
Ellen Bass
Dead Butterfly
Max Mendelsohn
Ode to Marbles
Richard Hoffman
Summer Job
Jonathan Holden
Car Showroom
Steven Orlen
Three Teenage Girls: 1956
Allan Peterson
The Inevitable
Frank Steele
Part of a Legacy
Judith Harris
In Your Absence
David Tucker
Today’s News
Marianne Boruch
Yusef Komunyakaa
Trish Dugger
Spare Parts
Carrie Shipers
Medical History
Steven Huff
Ed Ochester
What the Frost Casts Up
Linda Pastan
The Quarrel
Lee McCarthy
Santa Paula
William Kloefkorn
"I stand alone at the foot "
Marvin Bell
Veterans of the Seventies
Rynn Williams
Jackson Wheeler
How Good Fortune Surprises Us
Steven Orlen
In the House of the Voice of Maria Callas
Linda Gregg
Thomas R. Smith
Steven Schneider
Chanukah Lights Tonight
Bruce Guernsey
The Lady and the Tramp
Deborah Cummins
At a Certain Age
Jessy Randall
Superhero Pregnant Woman
Todd Davis
Ruth Moose
The Crossing
Kathleen Flenniken
Old Woman With Protea Flowers, Kahalui Airport
David Baker
Peter Pereira
The Garden Buddha
Jean Nordhaus
A Dandelion for My Mother
Anne Pierson Wiese
Columbus Park
Betty Adcock
Louisiana Line
Regina DeSalva
Snip Your Hair
Marianne Boruch
Karin Gottshall
The Raspberry Room
Barry Goldensohn
Patrick Phillips
Joshua Weiner
Found Letter
Wesley McNair
Hymn to the Comb-Over
Mike White
Kim Noriega
Heaven, 1963
Joseph Stanton
Banana Trees
Warren Woessner
Nancy Botkin
Roy Jacobstein
Safari, Rift Valley
Jeffrey Harrison
Robert West
Freya Manfred
Swimming With A Hundred Year Old Snapping Turtle
Elizabeth Hobbs
Slow Dancing on the Highway:the Trip North
Felecia Caton Garcia
Juliana Gray
Summer Downpour on Campus
Sue Ellen Thompson
Kay Ryan
Naomi Shihab Nye
Supple Cord
Judith Kitchen
Catching the Moles
Ruth Moose
Marjorie Saiser
Where They Lived
Rick Snyder
How Are You Doing?
Jane Whitledge
Morel Mushrooms
Cynthia Rylant
Wax Lips
Wesley McNair
The One I Think of Now
Sharon Chmielarz
New Water
Robert Wrigley
Kissing a Horse
Mary Jo Salter
Somebody Else’s Baby
Andrea Hollander
For Weeks After the Funeral
John Haines
Young Man
Floyd Skloot
Silent Music
Tatiana Ziglar
Common Janthina
Linda Parsons Marion
Home Fire
Mark Vinz
Driving Through
Bill Holm
Bread Soup: An Old Icelandic Recipe
Sue Ellen Thompson
No Children, No Pets
Christopher Chambers
My Father Holds the Door for Yoko Ono
Tania Rochelle
Linda Pastan
The Birds
Lisel Mueller
In November
Connie Wanek
Dale Ritterbusch
Green Tea
Jeff Vande Zande
Tess Gallagher
Under Stars
James McKean
Elegy for an Old Boxer
Alex Phillips
Work Shy
Bruce Guernsey
Li-Young Lee
Early in the Morning
Jeff Daniel Marion
Lita Hooper
Love Worn
David Mason
In the Mushroom Summer
Roy Scheele
Planting a Dogwood
Jan Beatty
My Father Teaches Me to Dream
Albert Garcia
August Morning
Sharon Olds
My Son the Man
Marsha Truman Cooper
Ironing After Midnight
Wendell Berry
They Sit Together on the Porch
Catherine Barnett
Family Reunion
Marie Howe
The Copper Beech
Keith Althaus
Lola Haskins
Grandmother Speaks of the Old Country
David Tucker
The Dancer
James McKean
Leslie Monsour
The Education of a Poet
Julia Kasdorf
What I Learned From My Mother
Amy Fleury
At Twenty-Eight
Pat Schneider
There Is Another Way
Richard Newman
Don Welch
At the Edge of Town
Jo McDougall
What We Need
Ruth L. Schwartz
Peter Pereira
A Pot of Red Lentils
Connie Wanek
Jim Harrison
Grace Bauer
Against Lawn
Rodney Torreson
On A Moonstruck Gravel Road
Walter McDonald
Some Boys are Born to Wander
Robert Morgan
Holy Cussing
Robert King
Anne Caston
Sunday Brunch at the Old Country Buffet
David Baker
Mongrel Heart
Lola Haskins
To Play Pianissimo
David Bengtson
What Calls Us
Diane Thiel
Family Album
Alberto Ríos
A Yellow Leaf
Nancy McCleery
December Notes
Leslie Monsour
Shirley Buettner
The Wind Chimes
Judith Slater
In The Black Rock Tavern
J. Lorraine Brown
Tintype on the Pond, 1925
Jim Daniels
Katy Giebenhain
Glucose Self-Monitoring
Kurt Brown
Road Report
Gloria g. Murray
In My Mother’s House
Naomi Shihab Nye
Boy and Egg
Debra Nystrom
Cliff Swallows-Missouri Breaks
Ron Rash
Speckled Trout
Angela Shaw
Children in a Field
Claudia Emerson
Rodney Torreson
The Bethlehem Nursing Home
Martin Walls
Cicadas at the End of Summer
Edwin Gladding Burrows
Camping Out
Jean L. Connor
Of Some Renown
Karin Gottshall
The Ashes
Jane Hirshfield
The Woodpecker Keeps Returning
Shirley Buettner
Dan Gerber
The Rain Poured Down
Wendell Berry
The Peace of Wild Things
Lisel Mueller
Love Like Salt
Janet McCann
The Woman Who Collects Noah's Arks
Georgiana Cohen
Old Woman in a Housecoat
Kevin Griffith
Turning Forty
Andrei Guruianu
David Wagoner
Peacock Display
Marge Piercy
More Than Enough
James Doyle
The City's Oldest Known Survivor of the Great War
Karma Larsen
Leonard E. Nathan
The Potato Eaters
Barton Sutter
Sober Song
David Baker
Neighbors in October
Ruth Stone
Another Feeling
Marnie Walsh
Bessie Dreaming Bear
Jonathan Greene
At the Grave
David Allan Evans


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